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Revana understands that building and executing modern-day sales outreach and digital marketing programs can be overwhelming and prohibitively expensive. So, why lose years developing sophisticated customer analytics systems and waste thousands of dollars stitching together individual technologies when you can invest in technology-enabled sales and digital marketing services that do it all for you?

Revana is dedicated to helping companies invest in outcomes, not components. That's why Revana offers end-to-end sales and digital marketing solutions that include the best technology, people, and practices to help companies:

  • Turn interactions into new customers
  • Engage customers in an ongoing conversation that increases advocacy and grows lifetime value
  • Create personalized customer experiences that increase sales conversion rates and improve marketing ROI
  • Drive increased online visibility and exposure

Revana’s complete sales and digital marketing solutions make it so that you can stop worrying about revenue generation and start focusing on driving your business.

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Parent Company: TeleTech Holdings, Inc.

TeleTech, founded in 1982, is a leading global provider of data-driven, technology-enabled services that puts customer engagement at the core of business success. The Company offers an integrated platform that combines analytics, strategy, process, systems integration, technology and operations to simplify the delivery of the customer experience for Global 1000 clients and their customers.

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Our Leadership

Our executive leaders practice a hands-on management philosophy and remain involved with the day-to-day operation of our client programs. Their depth and breadth of experience, combined with a sincere engagement in the business, deliver sales results rapidly, smoothly, and cost-efficiently.

"Revana ensures the right offer to the right customer at the right time. It maximizes results while optimizing expense. This is achieved through the combination of insightful analytics, and technology-fueled, consultative sales."

Judi Hand

President and General Manager

In April 2007, Judi Hand was appointed President and General Manager of Revana, a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleTech Holdings, Inc.

Hand has more than 20 years of experience in sales, service, and marketing to business and consumer customers at all levels. Her previous executive experience includes Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales with AT&T, Vice President of AT&T Business Services for small and mid-sized markets, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Care at Qwest for small business and consumer markets, Chief Marketing Officer for US WEST Dex and Executive Director of Solutions Marketing and Director of Market Strategy Development for US WEST.

Hand earned her MBA from Stanford University and a BSBA in communications and marketing from the University of Nebraska.

"Revana is the accelerated speed and upward direction of revenue when you leverage big data, intelligent analytics engines, and advanced technologies to engage customers and drive sales."

Marc Arseneau

Chief Financial Officer

Marc Arseneau has more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting supporting software and services businesses in the technology industry. His strengths include initiating and managing change, defining and implementing long-term strategies and impacting bottom-line results in rapidly growing/changing environments. Prior to joining Revana, Arseneau held executive financial and accounting positions with market leading technology companies like TriZetto, Microsoft, and Cap Gemini.

Arseneau received a BS in Finance and International Business from Northeastern University.

"Technology is a key enabler in today’s marketing and sales organizations, but knowing how to use this technology to enhance the customer buying journey is what sets Revana apart from its competitors."

Martin Longo

Chief Technology Officer

Martin has more than 30 years of experience in the software industry with a proven career of success in enterprise software environments with early and mid-stage software companies. His strengths include a breadth of cross-industry knowledge, innovation, formulating and translating technology vision into strategy. He is an avid believer in agile software development best practices and the Lean Startup methodology. Prior to joining Revana Martin was the CTO/co-founder at Demandbase, Inc. where he was responsible for creating the first real-time targeting and personalization platform for B2B.

"Revana is delivering our sales and marketing concepts through a trusted source, creating a unique and rewarding customer experience while increasing revenue for our clients."

Patrick Burke

Vice President of Program Sales

As the vice president of program sales, Patrick Burke oversees and holds responsibility for Revana's consumer and SMB sales divisions. He has more than 18 years of experience in contact center management, leading sales management, client relations, and overall program management at the director and vice president levels.

Burke has a proven track record of driving operational performance and utilizing his support resources to attain optimum productivity and efficiency in a variety of programs. His experience spans several sales verticals globally; including inbound consumer sales, outbound consumer sales, as well as outbound direct sales to the SMB and public sector markets. Through the years, he has launched several new direct inbound and outbound sales programs, built and implemented touch plan strategies for business-to-business outbound programs, and renewed contracts for several of Revana's key clients.

"Revana is the premier end-to-end sales and marketing solution for top brands who want to offer world class sales and support to their clients. A partnership with Revana allows companies to focus on their products and offerings while we focus on developing and delivering revenue for them."

Mary Beth Burke

Vice President Program Sales

Mary Beth Burke is Vice President of Program Sales for Revana, a position she was promoted to in December of 2012. Mary Beth is an accomplished and recognized sales leader with over 23 years of experience in various vertical industries. In addition to her extensive sales background, Mary Beth has expertise in sales leadership and organizational development, with 10+ years leading sales training and process design teams. Ms. Burke joined Revana in August 2008 and has served in Director, Sr. Director and Vice President capacities for new proof of concept programs as well as for one of Revana's fastest growing technology clients. In her leadership role Mary Beth delivers exceptional personalized customer experience and develops plans and strategies for achieving sales goals to programs in four countries. As winner of the 2013 Excellence in Execution Award, given by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), Ms. Burke continues to demonstrate her commitment to both her clients and her sales teams. Prior to joining Revana, Mary Beth was the Director of Sales at Arete Sleep Health, and Regional Director of Sales for both Sprint and Verizon.

"Revana is an analytics and technology-fueled sales and marketing engine. Our solutions adapt to create engaged customer relationships that deliver long-term customer satisfaction and revenue growth."

Jonathan Gray

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Jonathan Gray is the vice president of Marketing and leader of Revenue Generation and Marketing Services for Revana. He leads a team of professionals who oversee marketing analytics and integrated marketing services programs that leverage award-winning campaign automation and electronic marketing strategies on behalf of industry-leading clients.

Gray brings over 15 years of sales, marketing, and communications experience in the telecommunications, cable, and retail industries. Previous responsibilities include strategic segmentation for business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, and product marketing and campaign strategy roles for Qwest. Additionally, he has a background in sales best practices and strategic support roles for Nordstrom, Inc.

Gray holds a master of business administration degree from Arizona State University, a master’s degree in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a bachelor of arts in International Relations from Pomona College.

"A frictionless, seamless integration of sales and marketing systems and processes is imperative for today's sales and marketing leaders to connect with customers and prospects. Our platform is providing a dynamic, real-time flow of data, enabling rich and tailored experiences resulting in significant gains in performance metrics."

Michael Behrens

SVP, eMarketing, Revana Digital, a Revana company

Michael Behrens is the lead strategist in developing and implementing successful online direct marketing programs for Revana Digital clients. He has helped clients succeed in highly competitive industries, such as healthcare, travel, education, retail/ecommerce, and technology. Behrens is also a senior advisor to the technology team in charge of developing Revana Digital’s proprietary internet marketing optimization platform DSMM Advantage™. This includes determining the critical variables involved in campaign management, intelligence gathering, and evaluation of processes related to optimization strategies. A veteran in pay per click marketing, Behrens has shared advanced techniques in search and online direct marketing at SMX Advanced, DMA, Ad-Tech, and PPC Summit. To keep Revana Digital clients at the forefront of their respective industries, he has also participated in exclusive advisory groups and councils for Google and Bing.

"Revana Digital and Revana offer an integrated solution unlike any other on the market. The combination of Revana Digital’s sophisticated SEM solutions and Revana’s world-class sales strategies mean better, more consistent results for our partners."

David Antley

Sr. Director, Integrated Strategies, Revana Digital, a Revana company

David Antley has been pioneering innovation in online marketing for over 18 years. His career started as a founding member of HoustonChronicle.com, one of the first online newspapers and the flagship online property of the Hearst Corporation. He later became a strategic member of the Yahoo Agency Relations and Business Development team. After the dot com crash of 2001, Antley joined Overture Services which later became known as Yahoo Search Marketing. He then relocated to Salt Lake City to develop Progrexion, an online marketing agency that is best known for the development and growth of LexingtonLaw, the nation’s largest credit repair company. Antley then launched a Health and Wellness marketing company, which he sold a year later to Alliance Health Networks. He then developed Rising Revenue, an affiliate marketing outsource program management company that also offered consulting services.

David has a BA degree in Marketing from Brigham Young University.

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