3 Ways to Drive Sales Associate Performance

Blog Post by Jonathan Gray

Earlier this year, Revana received a Gold Stevie Award for Sales Operations Team of the Year, one of five Stevie awards received in the world’s top awards program for sales.

While the recognition illustrates that our sales solutions are driving results, sales effectiveness also relies on having a solid strategy and adequate processes in place that will empower sales reps and give them the knowledge they need to do their jobs.

With sales teams forced to accomplish more with fewer resources, forward-thinking sales leaders are looking to provide their sales people with the right tools and information to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible while continuing to drive sales performance.

Here are three approaches to help sales associates successfully engage with clients and prospects, and boost performance.

1. Center them on the customer

An excellent starting point for sales leaders is to have them encourage salespeople to become as customer-focused as possible in their approaches to the total sales cycle. The customer buying experience is a critical aspect of the buyer-seller relationship, yet few companies pay adequate attention to it. Most companies can agree that understanding and acting on the customer buying experience can be a competitive differentiator. Yet, many companies invest as little as 1 percent of their annual revenues to leverage these insights. Both sales and marketing must remember that customer centricity should be their primary concern. Everything they do must inevitably benefit the consumers they intend to serve.

2. Give them contextual data

Context is the key to closing many sales deals. Equipping sales associates with real-time information and predictive insights about their customers and prospects is critical for sales success. As prospects interact with websites, social media, and smartphones, they leave a trail of contextual breadcrumbs. Combining that behavioral data and delivering it to the right associate at the right time leads to actionable context that can help to close deals quickly.

3. Unify marketing and sales collateral

The age-old problem of sales and marketing misalignment is still pervasive. Studies show failure to align sales and marketing teams around the right processes and technologies costs B2B companies 10 percent more revenue per year. Therefore, if marketing and sales are misaligned, sales will miss engaging with customers at critical moments in their buying journeys. Clearing the pathway for better communication and establishing common cross-departmental goals will foster the collaboration and trust necessary to achieve strong, lasting alignment, while also enabling both teams to put the customer at the heart of all they do.

By utilizing these three approaches, sales teams have a clear path to increase sales productivity, improve performance, and gain better insight into customers’ needs.

In my next blog, I’ll examine digital marketing tricks to boost sales leads.

Written by

Jonathan Gray

Senior Vice President
Business Development & Marketing Services