Action Steps to Accelerate Sales Growth in a Competitive Market


The better you know your customers, the better your sales and marketing teams will be able to engage and interact with them.

Quality customer engagement leads to sales that not only achieve top-line revenue growth, but also long-term customer retention. By identifying customers with the highest value potential and using that insight strategically in the marketing and sales process, you’ll have a well-oiled sales and marketing engine that ignites sales results.

This webinar will help you learn specific best-practice strategies to:

  • Secure a competitive edge in even the most highly fragmented markets
  • Determine the characteristics of your highest value and lowest value customers and then what to do with this information
  • Understand customer preferences and how to build sales programs around them
  • Leverage analytics to improve customer retention
  • Achieve ‘sales nirvana’

Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power. Panelists: Judi Hand, President, Revana, and Jonathan Gray, Vice President of Marketing, Revana