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How can Revana promise more revenue faster? Revana does it every day for billion-dollar brands. The process begins with an evaluation of your current revenue performance. Then, Revana’s end-to-end solutions unite customer insight and adaptive, state-of-the-art technology with private-label selling teams to help sales and marketing leaders acquire, grow, and retain customers. Our solutions leverage the Revana Analytic Multichannel Platform™ with an innovative partnership and pricing model, so CSOs and CMOs get what they need – more revenue growth.

In the following sections, learn how each of our solutions, including Customer Acquisition, Customer Growth and Customer Retention, Integrated Marketing and Sales, and Digital Marketing, can help you reach your revenue goals.

Customer Acquisition Solution

It's noisy out there, and potential customers are bombarded with information across every channel. Revana's Customer Acquisition solution leverages data to create customized messages that break through the clutter, resonate with your target prospects, and turn interactions into new customers. With this end-to-end sales solution, companies enhance demand generation, increase revenue, and build stronger customer relationships at some of the best revenue-to-expense ratios in the industry.

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Customer Growth and Retention

Now that you've established a relationship with your customer, the trick is to build it and keep it growing. Revana's Customer Growth and Retention solution uses data, customer segmentation, and multichannel strategies to engage customers in an ongoing conversation that increases advocacy, Net Promoter Scores®, and customer lifetime value. From on-boarding to loyalty and customer retention, our relationship architects help companies design and execute integrated sales centers and marketing programs that deliver what matters most – more revenue generation.

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Integrated Marketing and Sales

Revenue growth is stunted when companies are unable to fully understand the needs of their customers. To mitigate this challenge, Revana and Revana Digital, a Revana Company, have teamed up to create the Integrated Marketing and Sales solution. This integrated solution drives the flow of contextual data between digital marketing and sales to enhance your customers’ journeys. By creating a personalized experience that caters to your customers’ needs, our technology-enabled platform will increase your sales conversion rates and improve your marketing ROI.

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Digital Marketing

According to Forrester Research, up to 70 percent of a customer’s buying decision is made based on information they find online, well before a salesperson has a chance to get involved. Yet, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to target customers through digital channels. To help mitigate this challenge, Revana’s Digital Marketing subsidiary, Revana Digital, creates and implements digital marketing strategies to help companies increase online market share, lower acquisition costs, and penetrate new markets. By utilizing search marketing, user engagement, and online media solutions, Revana Digital’s solutions result in more effective marketing efforts and lead to higher ROI.

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