A holistic, technology-enabled platform for revenue growth

At Revana, we understand that building and executing modern-day sales outreach and digital marketing programs can be overwhelming and prohibitively expensive. So, why lose years developing sophisticated customer analytics systems and waste thousands of dollars stitching together individual technologies when you can invest in technology-enabled sales and digital marketing services that do it all for you?

We are dedicated to helping companies invest in outcomes, not components. That’s why we offer end-to-end sales and digital marketing solutions that include the best technology, people, and practices to help companies:

  • Turn interactions into new customers
  • Engage customers in an ongoing conversation that increases advocacy and grows lifetime value
  • Create personalized customer experiences that increase sales conversion rates and improve marketing ROI
  • Drive increased online visibility and exposure

Our complete sales and digital marketing solutions make it so that you can stop worrying about revenue generation and start focusing on driving your business.

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Parent Company: TeleTech Holdings, Inc.

TeleTech is a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement, and growth solutions. Founded in 1982, the Company helps its clients acquire, retain, and grow profitable customer relationships. Using customer-centric strategy, technology, processes, and operations, TeleTech partners with business leadership across marketing, sales, and customer care to design and deliver a simple, more human customer experience across every interaction channel. Servicing over 80 countries, TeleTech’s 41,500 employees live by a set of customer-focused values that guide relationships with clients, their customers, and each other.

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